Regulatory Seminar

Regulatory Seminar

The Safety in Regulatory Framework of the Cosmetic Industry: Simplified and Practical

An exciting Seminar found huge Interest by numerous Participants from the Cosmetics & Toiletries Industry

During the seminar, new alternative testing methods were presented and how these and other safety modules are implemented within worldwide regulory frameworks for cosmetics and toiletries. Nava Dayan, Nava Dayan, LLC., was organizer and presented on new, alternative methods and their use areas. On the Americas and on Asia spoke Wen Schroeder from Seki Cosmeticals, and, Annelie Struessmann, CONUSBAT, presented on Europes Cosmetics Product Regulation.

SCC Seminar, Washington Township, NJ, USA, 29 September 2015

Regulatory Speach

Regulatory Speach

The Interface between REACH & the Animal Test Ban for Cosmetics

Presentation in Düsseldorf at the REACH Congress

Topics covered during Annelie Struessmann's seminar:
• The EU’s Animal Testing Ban
• Alternatives to Animal Testing
• Controversies as a result from REACH
• Consequences for Products Innovation

The European REACH Congress, Düsseldorf, Germany, 25 November 2015

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Das Team

CONUSBAT's Team of Experts

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