Regulatory Affairs

Regulatory Affairs

After the ‘ICIS Surfactants Conference’ in Berlin

CONUSBAT on 'Surfactants in Cosmetic Products'

While key areas for surfactant application are detergents & household cleaners, most cosmetics contain surfactants as well, using their various functions. However, for cosmetics as well the biggest surfactant consumption applies to the cleaning function used mainly in personal care products.

Surfactants, as all ingredients for cosmetic products, have to comply with REACH & CLP. Therefore, we wish to remind about the upcoming deadlines for re-classification of mixtures under CLP (2015) and for the final registration under REACH (2018).

Regulatory Affairs

Regulatory Affairs

CONUSBAT at the 3rd ICIS European Surfactants Conference

The EU's Cosmetics Product Regulation - Presentation, Friday, 5th September

Challenges facing the European surfactants industry will be addressed at the 3rd ICIS European Surfactants Conference in Berlin by presentations, Q&A sessions and numerous chances to network. Annelie Struessmann will focus on the regulatory requirements deriving from the cosmetics' applications of surfactants.

3rd ICIS European Surfactants Conference, 4th - 5th September 2014, Berlin, Germany

Regulatory Affairs

Regulatory Affairs

Interview with Annelie Struessmann

May 2014 at the QPC Global Cosmetic Compliance Summit in Amsterdam

CONUSBAT participated in the Global Cosmetic Compliance Summit, which was organized by IQPC from 27 - 29 May 2014 in Amsterdam. Annelie Struessmann gave a seminar on worldwide ingredient legislation and at this event the interview was recorded as well.