Regulatory Affairs

In-Cosmetics Workshop: The Animal Testing Ban - What's next?

Annelie Struessmann in a video on the the outcome for the workshop

What are the new developments in the area of animal testing alternatives and what industry has to consider in the meantime - the most important results of the workshop in brief

Video - Cosmetics-Design, 16 April 2014

Regulatory Affairs

Regulatory Affairs

In-cosmetics 2014 @ booth 4H05

Much discussion, engaging meetings, new standpoints, new energies

Also in 2014, in-cosmetics meant a great event for CONUSBAT. A workshop was presented which delivered the results on getting oriented within the requirements from the 'Animal Testing Ban'. The overall judgment for the workshop was 'very satisfying'. Thanks go to all speakers and to an excellent audience, which provided discussions and stimulus. At booth 4H05, this and other topics were further evaluated with clients, business partners and new contacts.

[PDF] CONUSBAT Focus Ingredients: Services for Classification, Labelling and Packaging

< in-cosmetics 2014, Steven L. Hanft, Theresa Callaghan & Annelie Struessmann @ CONUSBAT's booth

Regulatory Affairs

Regulatory Affairs

The Animal Testing Ban: What’s next?

The list of speakers is complete - facts & views are addressed from a global perspective

What are the new paths for assuring innovation of products and ingredients under the Animal Testing Ban. Speakers in Hamburg on these questions are:
- Dr. Patric Amcoff, Cosmetics Europe [CE]
- Dr. Joop de Knecht, OECD
- Dr. Christian Pellevoisin, SkinEthic Academy
- Desmond (Des) Cave, BioReliance
- Dr. Nava Dayan, Dr. Nava Dayan LLC, USA
- Dr. Reinhard Kreiling, Clariant, Chair EFfCI Toxikologie-WG
- Ellen Pfrommer, BASF
- Dr. Annelie Struessmann, CONUSBAT
Once again, CONUSBAT is Reed Exhibition’s designated organizer for the regulatory workshop.

[PDF] - Workshop Agenda - 1 April 2014-final

BLOG elucidating contents and goals of the workshop - A.Struessmann, February 19, 2014
in-cosmetics, 1 April 2014, Hamburg, Germany - Subscription Workshop Part 1 & 2