Intercultural Competence

Interkulturelle Kompetenz

Steven L. Hanft will be providing a workshop at the Summer School of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation

How should a US Presidential candidate approach the ‘hot spots’ in the world?

• Islamic radicalism & its affects on Western values
• Brexit - how it could affect America
• The Refugee crisis - what can the USA do ?
• The Israeli-Palestinian conflict-‘burning’ since 1948
• The rise of nationalistic right-wing political parties
• NATO, Russia and our East European allies

Konrad Adenauer Foundation
KAS Summer School 2016 - Sportschule Hennef, 3 August 2016

Regulatory Newsletter

Regulatory Newsletter

Regulations, Standardizations & Codes

- many are necessary and not oximoronically, 'necessary evils'

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[PDF] CONUSBAT Regulatory Update, published 13 July 2016

Regulatory Presentation

Regulatory Presentation

Die globale Chemikalienpolitik und deren Konsequenzen für die Kosmetikindustrie

Annelie Struessmann is speaking at the yearly LUV workshop

The workshop of the SEPAWA Expert Group Legislation/Environment/Consumer (LUV) on environmental and consumer relevant topics will be held this year in Frankfurt/Germany on the premises of the VCI, Mainzer Landstr. 97, 9.30 -16.00.

SEPAWA - Expert Group LUV, 30 June 2016, Frankfurt/Germany

Regulatory Affairs

Regulatory Affairs

The Animal Testing Ban: A Status Review three Years after its Implementation

CONUSBAT Presentation at the Conference of the SEPAWA Section Austria

The conference is a part of annual meetings organized by the SEPAWA Section Austria with an interdisciplinary aspiration. Main focus is to tackle manufacture, testing, regulatory compliance and marketing issues, as such topics of importance for the SEPAWA segments.

SEPAWA Conference, 15 - 16 Juni 2016, Pörtschach on Wörthersee, Österreich

The Team

Das Team

CONUSBAT's Team of Experts

We can be reached at ay time under the following telephone numbers:

+49 241 93917084 - Steven Hanft
+49 241 93917068 - Dr. Bhavika Patel
+49 241 93917095 - Dr. Beate Eberhard
+49 241 51857790 - Dr. Annelie Struessmann