Regulatory Newsletter

Regulatory Newsletter

Regulatory Affairs 101: Historical Milestones towards Consumer Health Protection

Regulatory News, published 20 January 2015

A short essay on the history of the US-FDA. If you want to sign up for the Newsletter, pls. send an email to

[PDF] CONUSBAT Newletter, January 2015

January 2015

Januar 2015

A Healthy and Prosperous New Year

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Christmas 2014

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Regulatory Affairs

Regulatory Affairs

How European Cosmetics Legislation influences Regulatory Frameworks World-wide

New article written by Annelie Struessmann

The EU implemented a new regulatory framework for cosmetics, which clarified and extended a modular approach taken from the earlier directive and at the same time changed the legal procedure to direct validity over all Member States. Regulatory modules, including the safety assessment, notification, GMP, substance regulation, cosmetovigilance, etc., can be easily transferred into other countries’ legislation, which is wanted in view of more harmonized international requirements. It has successfully happened with the highest acceptance worldwide accounting to the element of substance regulation.

H&PC Today, Vol. 9(5), September/October 2014